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Human Body Space Medicine improves the internal space of the human body by adjusting the movement and function of the energy field within your internal space to provide a good environment for the radiation and absorption of cells, and to promote and impinge the cell population, activating and improving your cells. The vitality of the cells restores the digestion and absorption functions of the cells, thereby exerting and adjusting the potential state of the human body, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing diseases, health and longevity.


Human Body Space Medicine inherits and promotes the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and integrates the cell theory of Western medicine, as well as the traditional Chinese medicine "Heaven and Man", health and fitness, holistic treatment, and ancient wisdom.

On the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, Human Body Space Medicine is further abstracted and sublimated. On the basis of the viscera, it focuses on the four major spaces of the human body. On the basis of the meridian, it focuses more on the revolution and rotation of the human body; The cell population; the name of the disease is framed, based on the symptoms of the body's own response. Therefore, under the guidance, foundation and reference of the traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine theory, Human Body Space Medicine is further sublimated and concise on this basis. Human Body Space Medicine emphasizes holistic medicine and preventive medicine, and it strives to cure the "root" of your illness. For many difficult diseases, chronic diseases, and even diseases that Western medicine generally believes to be incurable, it has proven to be effective.


Based on the theoretical basis of Human Body Space Medicine and combining the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine for many years, the Human Body Space Medicine Research Institute is committed to research and development, production of high-efficiency traditional Chinese medicine products based on the idea of ​​“ruling the roots”, and improving overall health.

HBSMI is dedicated to producing high-quality natural health solutions to serve, inspire and contribute to your good health.

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