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Moxa Lady Herbal Cream 鲍姑奇效焕新养颜霜

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Moxa Lady Rejuvenation Beauty Cream is made from a purified extraction of 12 valuable traditional Chinese herbs. The cream targets 12 superficial skin meridians, then enters 12 deep tissue meridians, passes 12 sub meridians, finally nourishes 12 regular meridians. The cream manifests soothing channels and collaterals, regulating Qi and blood, nourishing skin and tissue, benefiting cell metabolism, and eliminating freckle and wrinkle. The cream significantly increases the circulation of energy, blood and lymphatic fluid, increases the nourishment of oxygen and other nutrition in the skin, and facilitates the elimination of metabolites from the skin. This cream benefits the growth, development, rejuvenation, and regeneration of skin. It keeps the skin healthy, smooth, firm, and diminishes fine lines and freckles.

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