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Anti-epidemic sachets help you survive the epidemic safely and healthily

Various epidemic diseases (plague, malignant infectious diseases, such as coronary pneumonia, SARS, plague, smallpox, influenza, cholera, malaria) are caused by the epidemic gas (special protozoa, bacteria, virus, etc.) from the perspective of Chinese medicine. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, this kind of epidemic qi is mainly produced in special places in the natural world, and most of them are in sparsely populated places. For example, caves and lairs at the cliffs and cliffs where wild animals (such as wild rats, wild foxes, wild bats, etc.) ravage, are rich in all kinds of epidemic gas. In some places, the epidemic gas can cause abnormally severe pathological reactions and even death when exposed to humans. The rapid onset, strong infectivity and high mortality are the characteristics of all epidemic diseases. Its main pathogenic factor, epidemic gas, is an exogenous pathogenic factor other than the six evils of wind, cold, heat, dryness and fire. When the epidemic invades the human body, the effect on the human body is very large and very fast. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the unity of heaven and human. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, five movements and six qis, the heavenly branches and terrestrial branches are calculated. The changes in the energy of the celestial body's running position and seasons have a huge impact on the human body. System, the lung-related organ system. Whether it is bird flu or coronary pneumonia, it is related to the epidemic gas produced by the disorder of the solar cells that invades the lung system. We know that epidemic dysentery is a special disease gas, and we need to think about which Chinese herbal medicines can solve this problem. The epidemic is characterized by blockages and stasis. Entry into the body will cause local blockages and stasis, which will cause the circulation to be impeded. The circulation, including the circulation of energy, blood, and body fluids, will be affected. Our human lungs are like two waterfalls upside down. From the bottom of the lungs is upstream of the waterfall, until the upper part, the bronchi, these two waterfalls converge to the top trachea to form a waterfall, and the water is always flowing. This is also the main line of lungs in Chinese medicine. Protozoa, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the dust and fog droplets (bioaerosol particles) that we inhale from the air will be washed away by this waterfall. This waterfall is very strange. The water is counter-gravity from bottom to top. Direction. Water flows low, but the lungs are special, and the liquid goes from the bottom up. why? I have to sigh the wonder of the human body, because the lungs are densely covered with a layer of cilia, and all the hair on the human body is drooping. Only the cilia of the lungs are stretched upwards, and they are constantly brushed upwards like a small brush. Exercise to achieve the water-liquid circulation function of the lungs, flushing the water from below to above, nourishing the upper airways.

Lung cilia When the function of the lungs is strong, the surface of the lung lobes on both sides is covered with a thin layer of water, like a waterfall, through the countless upward movement of the lungs, bronchi and trachea, the dust and mist droplets we inhale are all Push it up and follow the bronchi and trachea all the way to the waiting area. When the liquid reaches the throat, people involuntarily pass through the throat to the stomach, so the liquid containing waste washed out from the lungs enters the esophagus through the pharynx to reach the stomach. The stomach has strong gastric acid, which is inhaled by the lungs. Microorganisms such as germs and viruses are processed in the stomach.

If there is no complete waterfall on the inner wall of the lungs and tracheobronchis, that is to say, nowhere can the water be covered, then the dust bacteria, viruses, etc. that enter it will replicate or reproduce in situ, and the immune system must clear these foreign invaders. War will begin. After the tragic war, there will be casualties on both sides, and the corpses of both sides will form sputum and cough out of the body as waste. If the sputum is yellow, then most of the dead bodies of Staphylococcus aureus are discharged after being killed, indicating that the human body has a stronger righteousness. White sputum is dominated by white blood cells, especially those with white lumps, which means that the human body lost a lot of white blood cells during the war. Yellow sputum represents a large number of Staphylococcus aureus killed, and green sputum represents a large number of Pseudomonas aeruginosa killed. When the human body is weak, the virus usually invades first. The virus is actually just a nucleic acid macromolecule (DNA or RNA). It is a non-cellular state composed of proteins. Unlike the bacteria, which is a complete living cell, the virus is neither a living thing nor a virus. Non-living, it is 1000 times smaller than bacteria, almost a small thing about 100 nanometers in size. When the body's resistance is weak, the virus attacks the surface of the human body. The human body is equivalent to a building. The virus is responsible for opening the door with a key. So the virus is actually in the category of "wind" in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine says that wind is a disease with many diseases. The six sex disease or seasonal evil viruses led by the wind attack the human body from the mouth or nose, or from Fur and human. Because of the lightness of the wind, "Su Wen · Tai Yin Yang Ming Lun" said: "The person who is injured by the wind first receives it." The lungs are the canopy of the viscera. The highest position is to open the nose to the nose. Sexuality is impetuous, and is not resistant to evil invasion, so external evils invade from the nose, nose, and fur, and the lung guards bear the brunt. The new coronary pneumonia is located in the lungs, and its basic pathogenesis is that external evils affect the lung health dysfunction, leading to discord between the health and the lungs. Epidemic prion virus is a special pathogenic factor, which is also suitable for the concept of invisible sputum in Chinese medicine. This invisible sputum has the characteristics of wind, the characteristics of humidity, and the characteristics of heat. This invisible sputum itself can directly invade the human body and can cause both acute (wind) fever (heat), as well as heavy fatigue (wetness), pessimism and disappointment (invisible sputum). Invisible sputum has similarities with wind, and has the function of directly breaking through the human epidemic prevention system. The virus opened the door, and the last infection may be accompanied by a bacterial infection, which produced more serious infection symptoms. Knowing the pathogenesis of epidemic diseases, the selection of medicines in Chinese medicine must be targeted to select medicinal materials that can clear the wind and eliminate wind, dampness and invisible sputum. Baogu's anti-epidemic and sachet-proof sachet formula consists of 12 traditional Chinese medicines, including: wormwood, mint, star anise, dried ginger, atractylodes, and peel. Wormwood: It is a Chinese medicine that is blinding to the sun. It can remove moisture, and at the same time, it has a powerful dredge effect.

 Mint: The invisible sputum of a person after feeling the epidemic qi makes the body very uncomfortable, serious enough to affect mood. Mint can eliminate invisible sputum, and will bring joy, relaxation, and positive energy to the human body.

 Star anise: Many antiviral western medicines include the current so-called new medicine for the treatment of coronary pneumonia, Radixivir, whose active ingredient shikimic acid is a precursor of synthetic drugs, which is obtained from the extract of Chinese star anise, which is actually a traditional Chinese medicine extract. Like artemisinin is extracted from mugwort.

The special energy and composition of star anise are directly targeted at the pathogenic factors of epidemic disease. They have antagonistic and inhibitory effects on epidemic disease. Mint and wormwood improve the internal environment and make the body unsuitable for the survival of epidemic disease.  Dried ginger: The main role is to help Yang Qi, increase body temperature, the virus likes low body temperature. Dried ginger can raise the body temperature and help clear the virus.

 Cangzhu: It is the first dry medicine to help remove moisture. When there is both humidity and heat in the body, if some bitter cold medicine is used to clear the heat, the moisture will often increase. If you use dry medicine to dry It may cause symptoms to worsen, but there is no source of heat after the moisture is removed. Wet in the view of traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is relatively dirty. Imagine the haze, that is, small water droplets adhere to a lot of dirty things. Atractylodes dehumidifying function is very strong.

 Chenpi: Fragrance helps to enhance the vitality of digestive enzymes in the human body. It can promote the metabolism of the body. The metabolism is enhanced. It can accelerate the hydrolysis, degradation and excretion of the sludge that is blocked by the body.

In addition to the above-mentioned six Chinese medicines, Baogu's anti-epidemic and sachet-proof sachets also have other six Chinese medicines, which are compatible with the pathogenic characteristics of the virus epidemic qi. Sputum and wetness are dirty, and aerosols can also be considered as wet evils. Anti-epidemic sachets can reduce the harm of aerosols. At the same time, it plays the role of unblocking the lungs, and the unblocking lungs can give full play to the function of propagating and expelling invading external evils. An abalone anti-epidemic sachet can protect the indoor area of ​​200-500 square feet (within forty square meters). The released molecules can interfere with viral aerosols and inactivate their harmful functions. It can be protected by carrying it outdoors. Usage: Place it indoors at home and carry it with you when you go out. Service life: 5 minutes after rubbing the medicine pack every 3 months, it can be used for more than 2 years. Except for those who are allergic to plants, no toxic and side effects of Baogu's anti-epidemic sachets have been found clinically, and can be used by men, women and children.

Available at Baogu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, all adopt authentic herbs and follow the correct method of traditional Chinese medicine to ensure the curative effect. At the same time, Baogu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic has available Chinese medicine for prevention and treatment of pneumonia. When the epidemic virus spreads, the epidemic is raging around the world. When this world is killed, we are willing to help the general public to stay away from the epidemic, live through the epidemic safely and healthily, and the world is peaceful. The officials reposted the sharing points to watch, and their merits were countless. About Bao Gu's introduction, please see this article: The first Chinese Nobel Prize winner has such a relationship with this woman. Strengthen the immune barrier series Take care of your family

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