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This lady just bought her tenth Moxa healing bag?!

One afternoon, the clinic door opened, and an older lady walked straight in. Nothing to say, I asked directly: "Give me a regular hot pack." A lot of guests are kindly in charge of the Moxa healing bag called "Hot Pack", Meng Meng nickname.

Estimated a bit, this should be the 10th "hot pack" she bought.

This lady has recently come to the clinic to do acupuncture. The first time she came to the clinic to finish acupuncture, she felt very good, and she was all loose. She merged into her first Moxa healing bag and said, "Go home and try it. How is the effect?"

After a period of time, it should be in early December of 2018, she made a special trip to the clinic, and asked for four Moxa healing bags in one go, and took them with green shopping bags for loading. Asking her about her situation, she said that she will return to China in the past year and bring it to her mother and relatives and friends in China.

Asked how she feels about her own use, she said: "Very good! Otherwise I will not buy so much again! My mother is over 90 years old, I feel that sending anything is better than sending health", said, her face Showing a childlike smile, the smile touched the heart. As children, regardless of their age, they are all parents' children. As we grow older, we have more ability to filial piety to our parents. It is a great happiness to support our children.

Through the lady's smile, it seems that she can see her 90-year-old mother sticking her hot Moxa healing bag on her leg, waist, shoulder, healing power accompanied by a warm current, injecting The body, more into the heart, makes this Spring Festival extraordinarily warm, especially sweet. Until she left her mother to return to Canada, the Moxa healing bag continued to provide the mother with a healing power. This is a unique gift, bearing the hearts of children and a child, the children of the first filial piety, choose the Moxa healing bag as a gift to the elders can be described as heart and intimate.

Since then, the lady has once again took four Moxa healing bags, and this time, she started the 10th. It can be seen that her mental state and temperament are obviously improved compared to when she first came to the clinic, and she sent her care to her family and friends. Every time she took the Moxa healing bag and left the clinic, she was all satisfied. And happiness, Shibi is blessed, this statement is true.

In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig, we hope that the Moxa healing will eliminate the pain and bring health to thousands of families.

Wishing friends

safe and sound

Everything is smooth

The festival always expresses good intentions and concerns to important people. The Spring Festival has not yet been fifteen, and will welcome Valentine's Day, the 38th Goddess Festival. May you and your family and friends always maintain a harmonious and harmonious relationship. Gifts contribute to physical and mental health.

Established in Vancouver, Canada, the Institute of Human Space Medicine, based on the theory of human space medicine, combined with the essence of the ancient heritage, carefully introduced the Moxa miracle health series products, including Moxa healing bag, Moxa Nourishing wine, Moxa nourishing cream, Moxa herbal tea (happy tea, mobile tea, slimming tea...), Moxa cream and so on. These products are passed down to the ancient recipes of the millennium. All of them are made of natural Chinese herbal medicines. They are strictly adhered to the ancient method. They contain great energy for health. They are effective for adapting to diseases and problems. Many used customers have deep experience and witness. If you can continue to use these products for a long time, people will slowly approach the health level that the Chinese medicine doctor said.

Purchase address: Moxa Chinese Medicine Clinic

                  203-5679 Imperial St., Burnaby, BC, Canada

                  Located in the Metrotown business district of Burnaby, near the Royal Oak Sky Station

Tel: 1-604-620-1908

Business hours: 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 9 am to 9 pm

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