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The first Chinese local Nobel Prize winner has such a relationship with this woman.

She is Bao Gu, one of the greatest female doctors in Chinese history, and the founder of the Moxibustion Law. Her husband is Ge Hong, a famous pharmacist, alchemist, and monk in the Jin Dynasty. He is the author of "The Elbow Reserve" and "Bao Puzi". "Elbow Reserve Emergency" became a must-have medical book for the official government after the Jin Dynasty. In the 1970s, after more than 1600 years in the practice of Bao Gu, a woman named Tu Yu was inspired by the "Elbow Reserve, the Cold, the Malaria", and the team worked hard to extract the blue. Artemisin, known as the "save 200 million people" discovery. There are countless patients who cure malaria. In 2015, Tu Yu won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and became the first Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize in Science and the first Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. It is the highest award ever won by the Chinese medical community and the highest award for Chinese medicine achievements.

Bao Gu was born in the Western Jin Dynasty around 288 AD.

Bao Gu seems to have been doomed to be extraordinary in this life since the day of the birth of Bao Jia. All this benefited first from her father, Bao Tong. Bao Tong has a relationship with Xiandao. When he was five years old, he knew the cause and effect of fate. He said that his previous life was the son of the family of Li, who died in the age of nine. His parents searched for Li's questioning, which was in line with the situation described by the younger child. Bao Tong’s talents are different, and he has a good knowledge of the group books. He is also very fortunate to encounter the immortal preaching. The younger age has become a practitioner, mastering alchemy, autopsy and other techniques.

In ancient times, there were countless ways to cultivate the Taoist temple. If you were to find the root of the source, Bao Tong should be regarded as the grandson of the wife of the Qin Emperor. Under the coincidence of the safety of the drug sales in the East China Sea, the teacher studied from the river, and studied the immortality of the old man, and became the master of the emperor and the alchemist. After passing through Ma Mingsheng and Yin Changsheng, the two Taoists passed on to the generation. From this, we can see that Bao Da’s method of learning is closely related to medical treatment.

Bao Shu and Confucianism both worked as a master. After becoming a family, they also served in the DPRK. They also participated in large and small battles in the troubled times and worked as a Huangmen assistant. However, he was interested in Taoism. After moving to Danyang, he opened the apprenticeship and established a relationship with Ge Hong. This Danyang boy, like Bao Ting who was very young, also has a fairy root. His grandfather Ge Xuan was born in the Three Kingdoms period, and he studied in the Alchemist Zuo Ci, and passed a secret technique to his disciple Zheng Yin. At the age of sixteen, Ge Yin returned his life to Ge Hong.

Ge Hong holds Pu Zi'an and studies in closed doors. Although he was born in the south of the Yangtze River, he was able to read a lot of books and master the books of the Confucianism and Taoism, and he was able to benefit from the practice of health and alchemy. He is indifferent to Rongli, and he is in the state of the world. He is a goddess of peace and is given the title of "Bao Puzi".

In the first year of Tai'an in the Western Jin Dynasty, Zheng Yin predicted that the chaos would come, and brought his disciples into the room. Perhaps he figured out that Ai Gehong had a karma, leaving him alone in Danyang. In this way, Ge Hong turned to the bottom of Bao Shu, and his cultivation and character were all heavily influenced by Bao Biao, and he married the latent Bao Jia, who was in the midst of a wonderful year.

It seems that until this time, Bao Gu was the shadow of the film, scattered in the memory of history. No one knows how she practiced her practice, nor did she test how she studied medicine. Born as the daughter of Bao Tong, he was enlightened by Taoism; for Ge Hong, he even met a like-minded fairy friend. Bao Gu has both a father and a husband who are proficient in the history and longevity of Dan Dao. What they have heard is the way of self-cultivation and alchemy. She is very simple and simple, and they are asking for advice and learning from them on weekdays. How can it be difficult to cultivate a fairy in the Tao?

Moreover, Ge Hongzhi was born in Bao Gu, and he was also a teacher and a friend. The two of them were cruel and naturally had the help of teaching and learning in Taoism. More often, Bao Gu is Ge Hong's right-hand man, together with the medicine alchemy, the double monastic teachings, and a pair of fairy monks.

Later, Bao Tong was transferred to the Nanhai County Taishou, and the family moved. Bao Gu and her husband chose to retreat in Luofu Mountain on the way to the south, and lived a happy day without any questions or quietness.

On June 4, 2011, Pauli Chun took a picture of Wang Meng’s “Zhongchuan Migration”, which was sold for 402.5 million yuan and became the most expensive ancient painting in the history of Chinese auction. The painting is the historical fact that Ge Hong brought his family to the Luofu Mountain with his mouth. Ge Hong looked at the book intently on the back of the cow. Bao Gu took three children on the back of the other cow. Several domestic helpers carried luggage, took the dog, and carried the bird cage.

The brave man porter, a lot of gourds hanging on the edge of the bamboo basket before and after, it must be a variety of immortality; there are utensils, grid trays, probably used to hold a variety of different raw materials.

The migration of Ge Hong’s family was the most expensive immigration in history! Why did he move? Why did this kind of trivial thing happening in the past? It’s because of the story behind it. In the painting, Ge Hongzu is a prominent senior official. Ge Hong was named as "General Fubo" because of his merits on the battlefield. He has been promoted many times since then. In the face of the pride of the officialdom, Ge Hong was very calm in his heart. In the case of political dim and social turmoil, all the glory and prosperity were nothing, so he saw the red dust and practiced the heart.

This is another version of the Ge Gongchuan migration map of the Palace Museum in Beijing. It is also from the hand of Wang Meng. In the painting, the deer is Ge Hong and the cower is Bao Gu.

When the court promoted him again, he refused, and requested to go to Guangxi to become a county magistrate, and wanted to spend the rest of his life in the Tandan sand alchemy. After receiving the permission of the emperor, Ge Hong took the family to move. When he went to Guangdong, he was retained by local officials, so he lived in Luofu Mountain to practice alchemy.

It is rumored that after Bao Ting took office, he handled government affairs in the daytime, and at night, he took the flying swallows of shoes and shoes, and went all the way to the wind, and floated to the women’s house to study the fairy tales. The Wei and Jin Dynasties were the era of turbulent wars. The family was born out of life and death, and found a pure land in the South, and spent a year of quiet years. I am afraid that only these three people can appreciate the taste.

Compared with Ge Hong who is drunk and refining alchemy, Bao Gu put more energy on medical skills.

In addition to her cultivation, she was born in the mountains and rivers, the rivers and streams, the medicines, the self-cultivation moxibustion, and finally created a unique moxibustion.

Although Bao Gu was not handed down to the world, her husband Ge Hong’s "Elbow Reserve Emergency" contains more than 100 acupuncture doctors. The listed moxibustions account for more than 90, of which the efficacy and application methods of moxibustion have been done. Expensive explanation. Later generations speculated that most of the discussion about moxibustion in the book came from the hands of Bao Gu. If she wants to come to her, she is already a Taoist. Naturally, she will not be hung up for her fame and fortune. As long as she learns to benefit the world, the name of the person is far beyond her consideration.

Mencius said: "The disease of seven years, seeking for three years of Ai." Ai Cao is a good medicine for medicine, and the first medical doctor who used the disease to treat the disease, it is Bao Gu. She found a red-footed worm at the foot of Yuexiu Mountain. It is characterized by a velvet strip. It is ignited with fire and smoked in the body. It can be taken off. It is really a rejuvenation. Bao Guyun traveled to Nanling and traveled to Luofu, Nanhai and Panyu counties. He used this method to cure many patients.

According to legend, one day, Bao Gu met a woman who was sobbing by the river during her return to the medicine. It turned out that she had many dark brown tumors on her young cheeks, covering up the original beauty of flowers. She cried to Bao Gu, because she was ugly, she was despised by the folks, and the marriage was delayed, so she was injured in this. Bao Gu was pity and immediately took out the homemade moxa from the sachet and smouldered her. After a while, all the tumors on the girl's face fell off, and the smooth face was like innocent white jade. The beautiful girl who returned to the beautiful scenery thanked Bao Gu and rejoiced.

Bao’s doing good deeds is probably the case. She sneaked into the world, and her whereabouts were uncertain. When she encountered a patient, she gave a helping hand. Her practice of good practices has been passed down to Nanling. The locals are fascinated by her virtues, not only for her to build a ancestral hall for daily support, but also for her special medicinal medicinal medicinal name "Bao Guai."

There is no need to ring and exquisite, and there is no need for melodious music. Bao Gu will practice medicine in the world with the most true colors. It is hundreds of years and thousands of years. Bao Gu’s medical skills were well-known and pursued for generations. Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were still people who worked tirelessly to seek Bao Guai. The poems were used as evidence: “The Yuejing Gangtou cloud is adjacent, and the jujube curtains are separated. Fudan Dansha does not cure poverty. I don’t pay for the ancients, but whoever lives in the Dragon Bell. I will take three years of Ai, and I will return to Wan Guchun.

Look at her ancestors, Ann is born in the name of "Chitose"; Ma Mingsheng cultivated into a fairy, five hundred years of ascending; Yin long life until the age of 170 is still like a boy, three hundred years later soar; father Bao Yi also After a hundred years of corpse, the trace is hard to find. Today, the monks know whether Bao Gu is still in Nanling to save people, or has already risen in the day.

Time and space moved to Vancouver, Canada in the 21st century. In response to the invitation of Bao Gu’s rumors, this Chinese medicine clinic called Bao Gu came into being in Vancouver, Canada. Continue to inherit and carry forward the wish of Bao Gu's savior to save people from suffering, and condense a number of methods of healing health into a series of Bao Gu products, which are introduced to the present world.

Ge Hong is a Jiangsu Jurong person, which is today's Nanjing suburb. The descendants of Ge Hong used the method of traditional Chinese medicine surgery of the founder in Nanjing to benefit a large number of people. Baogu Chinese Medicine Clinic has a special relationship with Ge Hong Bao Gu and his wife. Bao Gu’s method of treatment is inherited from both acupuncture and moxibustion. He is willing to continue to carry forward the precious inheritance of the ancestors in Maple Leaf State. Benefiting the Quartet.

Today, we say that acupuncture is actually a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion. The core herb of moxibustion is wormwood. Why does wormwood have such a big effect?

First, wormwood is a pure yang plant. Unlike other plants, it is a pure yang to yang, representing the body's yang, like the sun. Therefore, it has a very good therapeutic effect on the coldness of the body.

Second, the penetration of wormwood is super strong. As I said before, the smoke of burning wormwood can penetrate a mountain.

Third, its vitality is very strong, easy to save and will not spoil. The wormwood can be made into a material without careful care. It is really a good medicine.

Ai is better with Chen Ai, and the more Chen is better. Generally speaking, the name of the Chinese medicine is preceded by the word "Chen". Just like wine and vinegar, aged wine and vinegar are top grades.

The principle is that Chen Ai will interact with the surrounding natural factors (acoustic electro-optic, thermo-magnetic, etc.) during storage, and the composition will change. So one year's wormwood and 5 years, 10 years of wormwood are tested. It will be found that the composition will be very different, that is, the substance inside has changed. Chen Ai has a stronger therapeutic effect, just like some ancestral jewels, crystals, jade, etc. The longer the value, the more aura, because it absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, the aura of heaven and earth, has better energy.

In the same way, these herbs with the word "Chen", as time goes by, the accumulation of years, absorbs the aura between heaven and earth, and the energy of the sun and the moon has a stronger healing power.

The wormwood has such a characteristic: it is strong to the sun, penetrating, easy to preserve and not spoiled, and it will be better for a long time. It is a value-added thing, and the longer it is, the more expensive it is. Poke this to see what is more valuable.

Bao Gu moxibustion bag - wormwood treasure

One of the important herbs in the formula of Bao Gu moxibustion bag is wormwood.

The heated Baogu moxibustion bag is placed on the body, and the leaves and other herbs gradually enter the meridians along the acupuncture points, and the meridians and qi and blood are well-regulated, which has the effect of clarifying qi and blood, warming in the cold, dehumidifying and dehumidifying. Passing through the twelve dying blood, can return to the absolute Yuanyang. External use can cure all diseases, strong Yuanyang, Wentong meridians, drive the wind and dispel cold, Shujin active, return to the sun to save the reverse. The heated Baogu moxibustion bag is placed in the navel area. For women, the muscle can be born with a fetus, the yin and the warm uterus have a very good conditioning effect on the uterus and ovaries. The long-term persistence can also treat habitual abortion and infertility. Education.

After heating, the Baogu moxibustion bag, in which the effect of the worm leaf can enter the acupoint, reaches the meridian through the acupoint, and then reaches the body through the meridian, thereby playing the role of chilling and ventilating blood.

Bao Gu moxibustion bag absorbs the exquisiteness of moxibustion, and its effect is not what we want. Under the joint action of heated leaves and other herbs, the warm stimulation can reach the deep part, and it will last for a long time, which makes people feel happy. If other ordinary hyperthermia, such as salt packets, etc., then only the surface layer is warm, and there is no effect of warming and dispelling cold. The moxibustion method, like the acupuncture method, can make the function of debilitation strong, and can also inhibit the function of hyperactivity. Those who are debilitated can make up, those who are stagnation can disperse, those who are ill can cure, and those who have no disease can exercise for a long time.

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