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What items become more valuable, the more you use them?

Everyone wants their assets to be value-added.

But in this age, it seems that most of the items are more and more depreciated, and then advanced mobile phones will be replaced in a few years.

Is there something that is more valuable? Real estate? antique?

Property is appreciated because of the scarcity of land, not functional enhancement

Do you know, in fact, Bao Gu moxibustion bag is a more valuable baby, why do you say so, please see the detailed explanation:

Baogu moxibustion bag has powerful therapeutic power and has the following characteristics:

Chinese medicine variety

One of the important Chinese medicines in the Baogu moxibustion bag is wormwood. The function and use of wormwood was discovered and pioneered by the famous female Chinese medicine doctor Bao Gu in the Jin Dynasty. Bao Gu is a very important woman in the history of Chinese medicine. Later, we will find time to discuss her separately.

We know that Okinawa is a famous longevity city in Japan, and there are many centenarians. One of the longevity of the Okinawa people is the extensive use of wormwood, including Ai Xun, bathing, soaking feet, and drinking. Therefore, Baogu bag not only has the effect of treatment, but also has the effect of health and longevity. It can be placed at home, and it can increase immunity, strengthen digestion and absorption of sleep, prevent disease and health, and prolong life.

Chinese medicine quality

The Chinese herbal medicines in the Baogu moxibustion bag are all excellent top quality products, and the quality is fidelity. It should be known that the quality of Chinese herbal medicines directly determines the efficacy of the products. In the current situation of the proliferation of fake cottages, the quality of good medicinal materials is absolutely the top priority. It is precisely because the traditional Chinese medicine contained in the Baogu moxibustion bag has been carefully screened by quality control, so the efficacy of each Baogu moxibustion bag is real.

Chinese medicine ratio

The ratio of various herbs contained in Baogu moxibustion bag is very particular. It is necessary to consider the balance of yin and yang, cold and heat, imaginary and real, and balance between the table and the body. To achieve this balance, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice and use ratio of drugs. . The formula of Baogu moxibustion bag has been refined and passed down to the ancient side, and combined with the physical characteristics of modern people, it has been specially developed. This ratio can greatly exert the effect of various medicines on the human body. The bag is the essence. And in the production process, strict control, the upper and lower errors of each drug will not exceed 1 gram. This ensures that each Baogu moxibustion bag has the same lineage and genes, which can maximize the efficacy of each drug. Every Bao Bao bag is heavy in his hand. This is because there are natural food-grade accessories in addition to traditional Chinese medicine. This weight makes the Bao Gu moxibustion bag effective on the meridians and acupuncture points after being placed on the body. The stimulation has a unique massage effect.

Drug penetration

Bao Gu moxibustion bag has a rich aroma of Chinese herbal medicine, and this fragrance itself has the effect of strengthening the righteousness and evil spirits. The therapeutic effect of the medicinal herbs is very penetrating. For example, one of the important herbs, wormwood, has a very strong penetrating scent and efficacy.

In ancient times, you would want to build a Taoist temple or a temple on the mountain. If you want to choose a place with water, the ancients would dig a hole at the foot of the mountain, and wormwood inside, when the heat of the wormwood and the smoke meet the water source, it will be with the water vapor. Steaming together, where there is smoke on the mountain, it shows where there is water. So the power of wormwood can penetrate a mountain, and we have no problem with a few layers of clothes and fabric. The penetrating power of other herbs is also very strong, so when using the Baogu moxibustion bag for hot compresses, it does not emphasize direct contact with the skin.

One hundred years of efficacy

We say that the Baogu moxibustion bag can achieve a hundred-year drug efficacy guarantee. How do you understand this? Many of the herbs selected in the Baogu moxibustion bag are the longer the medicinal materials are, the better. In the past, Chinese medicine had the medicine of grandpa dishes, and it achieved better results when used by grandchildren. Like the traditional Chinese medicine, Chenpi, Chen Pinxia, ​​Chen Yuxiang and other herbs are the better the time. The medicinal materials such as wormwood, musk and dried tangerine peel in the Baogu moxibustion bag are accumulating over time, and the effect is gradually enhanced. After 3 or 5 years, the efficacy of these drugs will become stronger and stronger. A Baoguan moxibustion bag for more than 50 years is worth more than a new Baogu moxibustion bag, and the price may be several times more expensive. Because it has absorbed the essence of the world, the treatment will be very good. Therefore, the Baogu moxibustion bag is a bit like an antique. The longer it is used, the better the effect.

A lot of Baogu moxibustion bags used in Baogu Chinese Medicine Clinic have been used for more than 20 years, which is very good from the treatment effect. Anyone who has been here should be able to appreciate that when the doctor receives some treatments at the clinic, the doctor can immediately feel the powerful healing power from the Baogu moxibustion bag after placing several Baogu moxibustion bags in different parts of the body. .

Thank you for your love for Baogu Chinese Medicine Clinic and Baogu Moxibustion Bag for many years. Your good feedback has further promoted our sense of responsibility. We will continue to strictly control the quality and bring Baogu moxibustion bags to more people. The gospel of health.

Welcome friends to leave your testimonials in the message area.

Spring blossoms, ills and rejuvenation, the clinic has recently seen a lot of guests with allergies. Allergies are a problem of the human immune system. The Baogu moxibustion bag can help strengthen the body's immune system. Therefore, friends who already have Baogu moxibustion bags, please remember to use them to help them and their families have strong immunity.

Established in Vancouver, Canada, the Institute of Human Space Medicine, based on the theory of human space medicine, combined with the essence of the ancient heritage, carefully introduced the Baogu miracle health series products, including Bao Gu Qixiao moxibustion health bags, Jingyang nourishing wine, Bao Yinyang double supplement cream, effective Huan new beauty cream, Bao Gu miraculous function herbal tea (happy tea, mobile tea, slimming tea...), and so on. These products rely on the concept of human space medicine to cure diseases and seek the essence of the disease. At the same time, they inherit the ancient recipes of the millennium. All of them use natural Chinese herbal medicines. They strictly follow the ancient method and contain huge energy for health. They are effective for adapting to diseases and problems. Many used. The customers have a deep experience and testimony. If you can continue to use these products for a long time, people will slowly approach the health level that the Chinese medicine doctor said.

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