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Be with someone who makes you feel comfortable

Picture: Li Xin - Graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Master of Psychosomatic Medicine; studied under the national famous old Chinese medicine doctor Song Yimin.


Health is "normal" and "neutral"

Everything in the whole world is like a huge symphony. It goes with the big symphony of heaven and earth, and it is usually neutral. This is the standard of health.

I am sick, in fact, I am kicking out to God.

Therefore, the disease is called "missing" in ancient times, and the cause is called "missing" or "losing".

So what is health? Health is "often".

Health is not to say that you are ruddy, full of energy, not these things, not how much muscle strength, how much heartbeat...

What is “often”?

It is the most important thing to play with the rhythm of nature in a relatively harmonious relationship with yourself, with society, and with this world.

The weather is hot, others are sweating, and you can sweat too; if you walk for two hours, you can walk. But if others are afraid of cold, you still feel hot; others are sleepy, you can't sleep at three o'clock in the middle of the night, in fact, you can't keep up.

If you feel that you are healthy, this is already very ill.

There are several stages in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners. The first stage is the "God" disease.

God is scattered, God is uncertain, and attention is not concentrated. This is one kind.

Sensitive, easy to be motivated by the outside world, temperament, emotion, dynamism, poor self-control, this is the second.

In normal life, sleep well, easy to wake up, afraid of noisy, afraid of black, afraid of ghosts, this is weak.

The disease is serious, the gods are separated, the minds are different, the conflicts in the table, you are not with yourself, the words are insincere, even the emotions can not be sent out, or sent too much.

For example, many variety shows are now too "too", the purpose is to render, provoke emotional outbursts, create obsessed fans, easy to chaos.

There is also "not too late." When you are happy, you have to suppress it, get used to it, and you really can’t be happy.

Too much, too late, are all abnormal.

"When it is timeless," it is also an aberration. When I was happy, I suddenly cried. It was originally sad, but forced to be strong. There are many such situations in real life. This is abnormal.

What is health?

Health is "normal" and "neutral."

Therefore, learning Chinese medicine knows that "I wish you normal everyday" is the greatest blessing.

In the past, the teacher taught me a doctor's advice: a disease, Western medicine does not know what it is, Chinese medicine can not see what is the reason, you do not know how to cure, what should I do? Tune often.

Every time the patient comes back to the clinic, he should ask him about his living condition, eat and drink, and sleep. This is the basic indicator for Chinese medicine.

Eat well? Did you sleep well? Is it moving well? Is it good to pull? Is sweating normal? Especially for chronic diseases, turning his basic indicators to normal means that the vitality is restored and the air machine is becoming more and more normal. At this time, the human body's original vitality can resolve the disease. (Poke this to see "What is the health in the end, you meet a few")

Any disease is like this.

There is now a big misunderstanding: if you are sick, you must cure it, continue to cure it, and continue to cure it.

Therefore, the patient or even the whole family will forget the normal life, no exercise, no life, no entertainment, no love, nothing, only the tension and anxiety to fight the disease.

what is this? Abnormal.

Your swing is being disturbed or even stopped! This situation, even if you have the resources to find the best doctors in the world, is useless. If a person wants to recover, he must enter a real and orderly normal life, and in a state of mutual ups and downs and mutual sympathy, the disease can be slowly turned off.

So for health and conditioning, what really matters is to find the state of peace and comfort as much as possible. The same is true for healthy people. To do the right thing at the right time, in the right place, with the right person, in the right way, this is health. Dharma is called "positive" and "positive".


All diseases are first "God" disease

Chinese medicine believes that all diseases are first sacred, then qi, then blood, and finally what? Shape sickness.

The disease begins with the invisible part of life, that is, from the level of spirit and information; the second stage, the part of the gas, the energy pattern and the operation law are disordered; the third stage, to the tangible disease level.

Many people's illnesses are caused by some kind of big troubles, great resentment, or a lot of confusion that they can't solve. Many times, the disease is because they are not willing to face, clarify and solve.

Why do Confucianism, Buddhism, and Tao pay so much attention to "惭愧", "reflection", and "repentance", and first realize that they are wrong, and then there is the possibility of "knowing that they are not leaving."

As soon as the mind turned, the spirit changed, and the direction of the life train also turned.

When a person's body is seriously ill, the direction of the life train is already wrong for a long time.

But one thing to remember is that faith has the opportunity to turn back at any time, and the belief turns, and the spirit has the opportunity to correct it at any time.

Many people are ignorant of their own life, inner state, and physical and mental feelings, but they are expected to change a lot by eating a mung bean and a few cordyceps. This is a simple and light chicken and bird. It is not so easy for us to change it so much. Unless you are a very clean body, a very clean heart, and live a very simple life, otherwise, a mung bean can't move you, and a pack of soup is not easy to do.

There is a dialogue in The Yellow Emperor's Canon:

"Emperor: What is the meaning of the blood and the blood?"

The Yellow Emperor asked Yu Bo, when a person's body was broken, the blood was also drained, and the treatment would be difficult to achieve. Why?

"岐伯曰: God does not make it."

The patient's anger did not play its due role, and the doctor could not mobilize it.

The Yellow Emperor then asked: What is God not making?

Sui Bo replied: "The needle stone, the road also. The spirit does not advance, the ambition is not cured, so the disease can not be cured. Today, the evil spirits go, the glory can not be regained. What? The libido is endless, and the sorrows are endless, the spirits are bad, the glory Weeping is removed, so God goes to the sick and does not heal."

In this passage, everyone is slowly playing with it. Why are there more and more diseases nowadays, and it is getting worse and worse? You can find reasons from here.

The source of all lies in the intangible thoughts and spirits, and then the energy is born, and then the birth is material.

All the diseases, or the beginning of the world, come from this.


The real health is to feel yourself

When a person lives with his own feelings, he starts from his heart, the origin is himself, there is no misplacement.

What are the problems that modern people are prone to?

Let's ask for one thing, one person or one thing. There are always a lot of ambitious development plans, always thinking, and thinking far away. Or pay attention to a star, never forget. Keep watching this and watching it, or keep talking and keep doing things.

If we use the foreign object as the origin, we will lose our feelings about ourselves and the present.

What is this state called in Chinese medicine? It is "separation of form and spirit."

What is the state of meditation and quietness? It is the "shape and the gods" that the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" said, or "the combination of body and mind."

Now talk about nutrition, eat well, one egg in the morning, one meat in the evening, right?

When we were young, we all burned the stove. The size of the fire determines how much firewood you should put inside. The reason is very simple?

So why don't we understand these things on the issue of eating?

Your fire is very small and weak, there is no digestive power, the flue is blocked, the stool is unreasonable, the sweat is not out, there is no exercise, you still eat steak, drink milk, it will only increase Fertilizer and blockage, extinguish the fire.

These principles do not need to be understood through the study of medical knowledge, are the most basic common sense of daily life, to experience in life.

I feel that I have different feelings about what I eat, I know how to live with it, I feel uncomfortable when I eat something, even if I find it for the tenth time, it is also the beginning of knowing.

It is best to be the right person, not to go outside to find an external unified standard.

Therefore, in life, you should develop a habit of using your heart, feel yourself, observe yourself, and then at least know:

First, what is comfortable to eat, what is uncomfortable;

Second, who is comfortable with whom, uncomfortable with whom;

Third, what to think, what to say, what to do will be more reassuring, or vice versa, will not sleep, tangled and sad.

When you look at yourself in your life, you can adjust yourself all the time. This is the real health.


Tune your mind and body

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic has a higher requirement for health and rejuvenation - "darkness and nothingness", close to the state of Taoist and Buddhist achievers.

"恬" is a quiet, safe, with a relaxed, slightly sweet.

The common joys and sorrows in TV dramas are relatively paranoid, missed, and lost, not a normal neutral state.

If this "恬" is replaced by "sweet", that is, "gan", the principle of Chinese medicine is called "sweetness," meaning that all medicines, as long as they are sweet, such as licorice, can make people's spirits The functioning of the body, including the way people look at the problem and the soft and gentle attitude.

Many diseases are now caused by a lack of "slowness."

For example, neurasthenia, anxiety, and depression syndrome are common in this era. In fact, everyone is caught in a state of mental life that is too fast and too urgent.

Too eager, God is floating outside, the air machine is also floating, tight and chaotic, and the physiological function is also out of tune.

What does “light” mean? "Not so careless, can't help, can be." So there is a lot of space, so it can, that can be; instead of expecting, obsessing with the goal, and not want to control the situation.

Less is desired, and the habit of doing something is lighter.

Buddhism often says "self-purification", Confucianism says "thinking without evil", Taoism says "for the day's loss", all of which are simpler and simpler.

For people with poor health, I have a suggestion: don't learn too much and too much.

From TCM health, from Taoism to Buddhism, the cultivation of the heart is the first, because at that time your body is as sensitive as an electronic balance, and an idea will change a lot.

Teacher Nan Huai's book often mentions that when you sit and sit in a more subtle way, your thoughts will change and your body will feel. At that time, you will naturally not dare to move. It would be uncomfortable to think about it.


Subtle perception - the self-defense

There are two sets of patterns in human cognition:

One is the god of the gods, and the other is the god of knowledge (modern will use the heart or the brain to refer to it).

Knowing God is logical thinking, empirical judgment, and socialization. It is a cognitive model used by "I" by long-term acquired education, environmental cues, media guidance, and loading from the outside world.

"Yuan Shen" refers to instinct and intuition. The "heart" and "savvy" often mentioned in Chinese culture, such as the high-level of calligraphy, guqin, Chinese medicine and martial arts, can achieve "integration, integration of things and things", all in Intuitive and instinctive aspects.

There is a saying in Yijing:

""Easy" has no thoughts, no work, no change, no feeling of emotion."

The sages of ancient China believed that the true understanding of the universe and the universe, the non-thinking income, is not close, but when the mind is in a state of inactivity, and when it is in harmony with the universe of heaven and earth, it naturally leads to everything.

Through traditional training methods, sit-in, stand-up, taiji... let us slowly learn to not rely too much on facial features and logical thinking, and directly understand the truth of the present.

I remember that some colleges were really boring and couldn't leave. Just sit and play: relax, put your fingers in the foot three, put them for dozens of minutes, and see what happens, this is the mentality of playing.

"Playing" is a very important word in traditional culture. Many things are inadvertently experienced in a state of relaxation. They think too hard, have too many goals, and often miss it.

Put your finger there, you don’t feel it at first, and the acupuncture points are concave and concave. This is “virtual”; after a while, it begins to “sudden, sudden, and sudden” and jumps, “the gas has arrived” and the blood begins. Inductive; after a while it will slowly begin to undulate and open.

It will continue to gain momentum. Sometimes, it will feel strong under the top, and at some point it will follow the stomach, follow the calf, go to the ankle, and go down, why? There are joints, these places are not too easy to circulate, and they are easy to contain evil, so you need to get through the joints.

After a while, it continued to gain momentum, "hey," and reached the soles of his feet. The coldness in the body, the heat, "call, call, call" came out.

Once your perception is getting more and more subtle, you can know directly.

After graduating from college, I helped my mother with moxibustion every weekend. I also helped a teacher with moxibustion. One night, I was very impressed. On his back, he moxibusted the acupoints of the bladder and made a certain point. He felt that there was a fountain in the acupuncture point, like the feeling of lifting the hanging moxa.

This kind of feeling is true, "it is open." There is excess energy inside the human body, which naturally spreads out. What is the feeling of imaginary? Moxibustion is suspended on the acupuncture point and has the feeling of being sucked in.

Later, I found that if I was relaxed enough, the hand holding the moxa stick would move by myself, and the gas field on the back of the patient would change during the moxibustion process, and your hand, actually the moxa, would be guided to the place where the body needed it.

This state often occurs when both sides are relaxed and the moxibustionist "has forgotten". If the moxibustion teacher is uncertain, the concentration is not concentrated, or the purpose is too strong, although focused, but persistent, hard, you can not feel this.

The same is true for acupuncture, which can be used for an hour and stay in the room to give yourself a shot. After I put it on, what do you feel when you feel calm? I used to say that throwing a stone in a pond, layer by layer of cockroaches spread out, where your body is blocked, where you know it.

When you are quiet and relaxed, there are not so many thoughts, thoughts, feelings, desires, plans, and all kinds of troubles. The heart is like a relatively clean mirror.

Everything is clearly there, waiting for you to discover.

Every day you face this world, you will feel a little new every day, and you will see the pictures like fairy tales: Hey, Grandpa Sun is very happy today, flowers smile at me, there are bees flying, it seems that there is something Tell me.

Quietly understand your own heart, feel the changes of the four seasons of the heavens and the earth, flowers and birds, fish and insects floating up and down, the spirit of the body and the mutual sense of each other, far from the things, close to the body.

The answer is here.

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